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Reloadable Cards

With reloadable cards, you spend only what you load on the card, track your purchases online, and can reload anytime. Whether you are traveling or making purchases online, in store, or by phone, your card is backed by Visa’s® Zero Liability Policy.

Instructions for Reloading Cards

  • Select your card
  • Once you are logged in, look at “Account Activities”, select the dropdown and choose “Load Money to Card”, then click “Go.”
  • Key in the requested load amount and the card you are using as your funding source, then click “Continue.” You will then be prompted to confirm the load amount, funding source, and address.
  • You may also reload your Reloadable Card by calling 866.760.3156.

General Purpose



Minimum Amount $25 $25 $50
Maximum Amount $500 $500 $2,500
Purchase Fee $7.75 $7.75 $7.75
Membership Required Yes Yes Yes
Description A safe and secure way to make online purchases and payments Offers parents and students a faster and safer alternative to reload on cash Offers business and pleasure travelers an easier alternative when traveling
Order & Login General Purpose Order & Login Student Card Order & Login Travel Card Order & Login