Business Testimonials

 See what these local businesses are saying about us helping them grow.

"After joining Community First as a consumer over 20 years ago, Steve Palmer decided to open a business account for his lawn business. "I enjoyed the friendly service, so it only seemed natural to continue working with Community First to finance my business needs." ABC Lawn Service is a unique lawn service that uses new, battery powered lawn equipment. "We used the business loans to purchase solar panels and attach them to the roof of our equipment trailer so we can recharge the trimmers, allowing us to use them all day. We are also using battery mowers the same way and have reduced our gas consumption by a third."

–ABC Lawn Service

"We provide black car service in North Florida, mainly taking people to and from the airport in style and comfort. I've done business with Community First for years. Six of the last seven vehicles I have purchased were financed through Community First. I know these guys well. The rates are always good but I also like how responsive they are, especially my rep Veronica. For me, working with a local bank that acts and thinks locally is important."

–Bob’s Limo & Travel Service